Citing Activated Learning

A description of the Activated Learning approach was first published in 2018 in a chapter of a book. At the time, we were referring to it as the EFs 2 the Rescue Pedagogy. Over many years, as we worked with different teams of teachers, the name has evolved to Executive Skills Feedback and Assessment (ESFA) to #EF4ALL to Activated Learning. You can cite Activated Learning by referring to:

Faith, L. (2018). EFs 2 the Rescue Pedagogy. In P. Dawson & D. Guare (Eds.), Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: Third Edition (Vol. 3). New York: The Guilford Press.

You can also access (and cite) this very teacher-friendly and interactive online article about Activated Learning, published by LD@School:

Activated Learning for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Mainstream, Whole-Class, Executive Function Intervention that is Necessary for Some and Good for All