Teacher Created Materials

Our materials are developed by many different teachers and students. Hover over the button for a brief description.

Posters, Desk Plates, Tickets

Posters for Youngsters  Basic EF Posters  Small EF Posters  Quick Ref Posters Dot Dude Icons EF Desk Plates

Kid-Made EF Tickets  Strategies for Success  EF Ideas Poster  FR Ideas Posters   French Posters  Sm French Posters

Basic Videos to Explain EFs

The Adventures of You I  The Adventures of You II   The Adventures of You III

Lesson Plans, Planning Support, and Activities

 EF Basics in 11 Fun Lessons  Feedback for my Teacher  10 Keys to Motiv'n & Engagement

Resources for Parents

Home Goals Calendar   Early Education Podcast   Harvard EF Activities  Video from Top Economist  Parents' EF Handbook  EF Checker to Send to ParentsHourlong Movie Night For Parents


These provide three good examples of the impact of each EF.  You can use them to get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses.

EF Checker for Kids of All Ages    EF Checker for Teachers  EF Checker for Spec Ed Teachers   All Ages EF Checker in French  EF Checker for New Parents   EF Checker to Send to Parents

Other Useful Items

Basic Components of AL   EFs and Learning Skills   Vids to Show EF in Action   AL Classroom Look Fors